Competition Day

Welcome to final day in the mood series. Today, we wanted to give back, with a chance to win some specially selected prizes.

We have chosen to give a way:

1st prize –A stepper Machine

2nd prize- 3 chances to win a pack of 5-HTP dietary supplements.

Why these prizes?  

If you have been following our mood series this week, you will know we have discussed how best to manage your mood with lifestyle, nutrition, supplements and exercise. Therefore, we have decided to provide some of those options to you, a stepper so that you can complete your exercise quota in the comfort of your own home. Consider it a chance to boost those endorphins. Then for our runner up, you have 3 chances to win a month's supply of 5-HTP. 

For more information on how either of these products may help to support your mood check out this week's articles here:

Information on the Giveaways

The Exercise Stepper

This is a high-spec at-home workout machine. This stepper targets the legs and lower back for a gentle yet effective workout. Customise your workout by adjusting the tension. There is a clear LCD screen to monitor your progress.

The stepper has adjustable handlebars, generous footplates and a stable base. It can be compacted for easy storage.

Here’s how to use the stepper:

  1. Place the machine on a smooth and stable surface. If necessary, please put some fabric under the machine to protect your floor. Please check the stability carefully before each use.
  2. Wear suitable clothes when exercising. Do not wear loose clothes, which can be entangled in the machine.
  3. Do warm-up your muscles before use.
  4. Stand on the ground with your back to the stepper. Put your left foot on the left pedal and press down until the pedal touches the bottom.
  5. Put your right foot on the right pedal.
  6. Start to exercise at a slow pace and gradually familiarize yourself with the unique stepping pattern. If you want to adjust the resistance of the pedal, then first come down the stepper and adjust the knob or resistance joystick.

*Be mindful that the maximum weight limit is 16 stone / 101kg.

5-HTP Tablets

There are 3 chances to win the 5-HTP tablets. 5-HTP is a popular dietary supplement thought to support mood and sleep. As described in Wednesday’s article, 5-HTP is naturally sourced from the plant of the griffonia simplicifolia. This is endemic to Africa.  5-HTP is the precursor for serotonin and melatonin within the body.

One study worked with people who had therapy resistant depression. This means that the patients have been prescribed antidepressants, therapy and electroconvulsive therapy which had no beneficial effect. The procedure of this study was to give the patients 5-HTP at dosages of 200mg and 600mg. The results showed that 43 out of 99 people (43.4%) were confirmed to have completed recovery by the end of the study period.

Our 5-HTP tablets provide 100mg of naturally sourced 5-HTP per tablet. Each pack contains 60 tablets, for a 1-2 month supply dependent on daily intake.

*Be mindful not to take 5-HTP if you already take anti-depressant medication.

How to enter?

For a chance to win:

We will announce the winner Friday 29th January.

Best of luck from Vytaliving!

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