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What makes HAIRBOOST unique is its complete support for ALL of the important areas of hair health, including follicle, bulb, scalp, hair shaft and general health. It works from the inside, outwards to help boost micronutrient deficiencies that can cause hair loss and thinning. The unique, patented formulation contains Flaxseed oil; rich in Omega 3 for hydration & inflammation reduction, Vitamin D to aid growth of new follicles, Zinc for skin health, Vitamin C as an important cofactor in collagen production, Biotin, Selenium & Iron for drastic improvements to the hair growth cycle, Copper for skin and hair pigmentation, plus a unique super blend of additional vitamins for strong, healthy hair.
  • Unique & advanced formula supporting hair, scalp & skin health
  • Perfect as a female hair support formula or male hair/beard support formula
  • Super convenient one-a-day capsule
  • Transform fine and thinning hair with Hairboost proven capsule formula
  • Results in 30 days

Who Came up with the formulation?

Robert Olding MIT, FTTS, has dedicated over 50 years to his profession as a senior hair specialist correcting hair problems and improving hair growth. He has worked as a senior consultant at the Institute of Trichologists Scalp & Hair Hospital, consulted in private practice and acted as a former trichology adviser to Vidal Sassoon. Mr Olding recommends Hairboost products to men and women of all ages.
“Care and maintenance of your scalp is vitally important to maintaining healthy hair, stabilising and reversing hair loss.”Dr Robert Oulding, eminent Trichologist

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