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Your complete and instant answer to Pain!

Medosan Pain elief spray contains a concentrated blend of plant extracts which have been scientifically combined, that drives away pain anbd gives you the life you deserve!

After years of research, Swiss scientists selected the finest natural pain-killers and put them together in a scientifically-blended formulation that works fast and effectively. Simply spray on and the pain will rapidly fade away, leaving you pain free and refreshed. Not only that but it is 100% safe and nature based-made from the purest plants and formulated to perfection by Swiss biochemists.

A powerful combination of natural extracts to stop your aches and pains! It works on

  • Stiff Joints
  • Inflamed Ligaments
  • Spinal Pain
  • Sore Muscles

Active Ingredients

Harpagogphytum: The famous devil's claw from southern Africa which is used throughout the world for treating rheumatic pain. Rare, and growing only in remote areas, it has achieved wide fame as a powerful pain reduction modality

Wintergreen: A small indigenous shrub, creeping evergreen plant, found in barren plains, also on mountain tracts. The volatile oil obtained by distillation and to which all the medicinal qualities are due, contains 99% Methyl Salicylate a safe aspirin like compound.

Eucalyptus: This is the distilled oil from the famous Australian gum tree, so favoured by bees. The oil has soothing properties and is renowned for its ability to treat arthritic pain.

Corum (Vanillyl Butyl Ether): This ingredient provides a warming sensation, even heating-which brings blood to the affected area, soothing away pain and inflammation.

With the pain relief spray you will soon be able to enjoy your favourite activities once again.

Expert Opinion

"Tension often increases hour by hour and it sometimes continues to do so throughout the night. This can trigger a feeling of panic in us-which unfortunately can increase the pain. Causes for this are so numerous that we cannot list them all here. Since the beginning of time, the human organism has been faced with episodes of more or less intense "painful sensations" without us always knowing that we can treat them naturally, lastingly and effectively"Henry Chambers-Research Director

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