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Suffering from Back Pain?

Use PhysioBak for just 5 minutes a day for fast relief

The technology incorporates postural correction which allows your spinal column to stretch. This action allows the back muscles to expand and return to their neutral position. This neutral position allows the back to retain good posture and removes the pain and discomfort from a bad back.

Many adults spend too much time sitting, especially for extended periods of time, this can be watching TV, using a computer, reading, travelling by car, bus or train, this can put a strain on the muscles and ligaments in your back as they become overstretched. This inevitably causes muscles to get tired and stiff causing back pain.

The PhysioBak is an effective and portable device that can easily help to relieve this widespread problem. Simply use PhysioBak™ for just 5 minutes a day. The patented technology allows your spinal column to assume it’s natural postural position.

This will reduce:

  • Back ache
  • Back pain
  • Muscle tension and pain

Customer Reviews

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Paula Cox
Fantastic Value

Great device for stretching out your back after a hard day sat at your desk hunched over a keyboard. Fantastic value for money, I looked around for one of these on the net and this one from Global Product turned out to be great value

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