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Side Sleeper Pro Air. The neck and back pillow with Micro Air Beads for cooling air flow and naturally mould to your neck and shoulders

Ideal for

Everyday use
Air Travel
Road Travel
Promotes perfect sleep posture and could help reduce snoring.


Position your head and body so your ear is resting in the comfort ear-well. This will help align your head, neck and shoulders for maximum benefit. Your back should be nested slightly against the long edge of the SideSleeper Pro Air pillow. This allows the SideSleeper Pro Air pillow to cradle you for ultimate comfort.

The item comes with a removable pillow cover with zipper closure for easy washing, a comfort ear well and Neck Support. The patented design cradles you to help ensure perfect sleep posture.

Customer Reviews

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Karen H

As a side sleeper I'm always trying new pillows I can never find one that cradles my head & is also comfortable & supportive but this is the best I have tried in years, I can't say I get any more sleep but I don't wake up with a stiff neck, the only down side is finding more pillow cases.

Anthea Graham
Good nights sleep

Having always slept on my side I found regular pillows really irritating and struggled for a full nights sleep, since using sidesleeper I now get my 8 hours and wake up refreshed and less achey than before

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