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WITH increasing numbers of adults reportedly falling victim
to dementia, memory loss and ‘brain fog’ in later life, is it down
to bad genes or bad luck? Or could Mother Nature hold
the answer to a healthily- functioning brain?

It is predicted that 1-in-7 of us will succumb to dementia, with many more suffering from problems such as poor memory, impaired concentration or ‘brain fog’ as we age.

While our susceptibility to ‘cognitive impairment’ may sometimes seem to be down to bad genes or just bad luck, neuroscience has revealed several factors that influence how your brain functions over time.


Dr John Briff a, a holistic medical doctor, author and former health columnist of the Daily Mail and The Observer, comments: “We know a lot more about what causes impaired cognitive function and Alzheimer’s disease than is widely recognised.

“Encouragingly, we now have evidence that certain natural agents offer considerable potential to support the brain and combat the processes known to be involved in ‘cognitive impairment’ and dementia.”

Dr Briff a has drawn on research and his 30 years of medical experience to develop SYNAPTAID®, a first of- its-kind nutritional supplement to support cognitive function.

Among the key active ingredients in Synaptaid® are: LION’S MANE Extracts of this
medicinal mushroom have been found to boost levels of a natural substance known as ‘brain-derived neurotrophic factor’, BDNF for short.1,2 MEMORY BOOST

One study in those diagnosed with cognitive impairment found that Lion’s Mane steadily improved cognitive function over a 4-month period. The Lion’s Mane was then stopped, and there was a subsequent decline in cognitive function (see fi g 1).4 This study shows that Lion’s Mane can significantly boost brain function,
but sustained use is required to enjoy long-term benefits.

Folate, Vitamins B6 & B12

These vitamins reduce levels of the amino acid homocysteine, high levels
of which are a risk factor for cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease. Supplementing with these nutrients has the potential to improve cognitive
function and slow ‘brain atrophy’ (shrinking of the brain) over time.5,6 IODINE AND VITAMIN D Both of these nutrients are recognised for their role in healthy cognitive function. Of relevance here is that fact that a large proportion of the population is known to have insufficient levels of one or both of these nutrients.

Dr Briff a adds: “My aim with Synaptaid® was to draw on insights from neuroscience and recent research to provide people with a simple, practical approach to supporting their brain health and cognitive function.”

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