Nail Markings and what they mean? Healthy looking nails.

It’s sandal season, you know what that means? It’s that time of year when your toe nails are out for everyone to see. Not to worry, Vytaliving has got your back on how to keep your toe nails always summer ready, but most importantly, how to keep your toe nails healthy.

Common markings on nails

It is completely normal to have markings on your nails, but these markings and discolouration could tell you more about your general wellbeing than you know.

White Marks

To give it its formal name, the white marks on your nails is actually called ‘Leukonychia’. This comes from the Latin for white, ‘Leuko’ and nail, ‘Onyx’. These can be caused by a multitude of reasons, including a fungal infection, injury site, and allergic reaction or a mineral deficiency. The minerals responsible for this are zinc and calcium deficiency. Increasing the amount of these nutrients is an easy way to solve this. Through either increasing dairy, shellfish or green leafy vegetables. Alternatively, you may like to purchase a standard multivitamin to top up the nutrients you are not receiving from your diet.

Yellow Nails

Yellowing of the nails is surprisingly common across the population. The most common cause of this is a simple fungal infection beneath the nail. This can cause the nail to thicken as a result. Yellowing of the nail goes hand in hand with crumbling of the nail.

That being said, yellowing of the nails is more rarely related to chronic conditions such as lung disease, lymphatic obstructions, diabetes or psoriasis. However, this is much rarer.

Peeling Nails

Peeling nails occurs when layers of the nail begin to peel away leaving more delicate and thin nails underneath. This is most likely caused by trauma to the nail which may cause it to split and peel. However, this can also be caused by nail weakness which has been linked to a biotin deficiency.

Ridged Nails

Ridges within the nail are quite common, however the direction and colour are indicative of so many different things. Its normal to have vertical ridges within the nails, in fact these become more prevalent as we age. However, longitudinal ridged nails can be related to an iron deficiency with the diet. Please note that if you notice drastic changes in ridging or the colour of these nails, you are advised to consult the advice of a Doctor.

Ingrown Nails

Ingrown toenails are incredibly common. On their own, they are not too dangerous, just painful! However, ingrown toenails can be a cause for concern when they become infected. According to the NHS, signs of infection in an ingrown toenail include the presence of pus, feeling extremely hot, or extremely cold and shivery. The cause of this can be varied, but it is most commonly related to the hardening of the toe skin which can cause the nail to invert and grow. If you are prone to these, try to wear shoes with enough toe space, avoiding pointed toe shoes. Also, remember to cut your toe nails regularly. Lastly, try not to pick at this toe as this can increase the risk of infection.

How to take good care of your nails

Nutrition for Healthy Nails

There are a number of nutrients involved in making strong and healthy nails including selenium, zinc, iron, biotin and calcium. It is not only important to keep the nail itself healthy but the skin around the nail too. This can be supported by nutrient such as biotin, iodine, Vitamin A, B2, B3, C and Zinc.

One way to increase these nutrients is by taking a multivitamin, such as our over 50s multivitamin, providing a boost to your daily nutrition. Alternatively, you may like to increase dairy foods, fish, shellfish, green leafy vegetables, fruits, vegetables and cereals.

Self-care for Healthy Nails

There are some simple steps that you can incorporate into your daily or weekly routine to maintain the health of your nails. Firstly, try to prevent your nails and skin being wet from long periods of time as this can breed bacteria around the nails and increase the risk of infection. Be mindful to use protective gloves when cleaning or using harsh chemicals.

Try not to bite or pick at your fingernails and cuticles This can weaken the overall structure, which can encourage bacteria and fungi to enter causing infection. Rather than nibbling or ripping hangnails off you are recommended to use nail clippers to remove them. Ripping hangnails can tear the structure around the nail. If you in a favour of colourful nails, be mindful to avoid harsh nail polishes and ensure you have time to enjoy your natural nails. Dermatologists also recommend massaging either almond, coconut or avocado oil into the cuticles to enrich the skin and keep it healthy. If you see any concerning changes in your nails or skin around the nails then we recommend that you consult your doctor or a Dermatologist.

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