Boswellia Incense Balm

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Boswellia incense balm is inspired by an ancient recipe from Buddhist monks and contains valuable extracts of Indian incense, it has,  in some cases reduced joint swelling and pain as well as increasing suppleness. Simply smooth the wonderfully fragrant balm over painful areas. 

  • Used for over 4000 years

  • Easy to apply

  • Can reduce joint pain and swelling

Customer Reviews

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has helped

Sceptical at first but I will say it helps. I find it's better than deep heat and with out the small. It moisturiser your skin too. I recommend this product. I use it on my osteoarthritis.

it works

Recently I have been having some problems with one of my knees. This is the only product that actually works. Not only it diminishes the pain fast, but it makes it better for many hours afterward. Another good thing is that it doesn't stain. It's absorbed very quickly and it leaves the skin just as it was before application, not greasy and not sticky.
Highly recommended!

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