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Introducing our discreet but effective skin tag removal patch. Each 30-day course of patches works painlessly to remove skin tags. 

Skin tags can cause irritation and discomfort. Vytaliving's skin tag dermal patch is one of the world's first dermal medicated patches to remove skin tags in just 30 days. Each pack contains a course of 30 patches to be used on one skin tag.  

 Vytaliving's Skin Tag Dermal Patch is unlike liquid formulations because there is no product wastage or mess which may cause discolouration on clothing worn over the patch. The skin tag dermal patch is:

  • Fast Acting, with results in just 30 days.
  • Easy to use
  • Hygienic
  • Pain-free
  • Discreet

Useful information for you:

Please be mindful that each pack of 30 patches is for use on just 1 skin tag. If you have multiple skin tags then we recommend that you buy multiple packs. The speed of skin tag shrinkage and removal is dependent on the size of the skin tag. 

How to use:
Just place one patch daily, directly onto the Skin Tag or Tags you wish to remove, for a faster, cleaner and more effective treatment. Can be used externally anywhere on the body. Remove your ugly skin tags today using the latest dermal patch technology.

Suggested packs required:
1 small skin tag (1 pack)
Several skin tags (3 packs)

*not suitable for diabetics (below waist) or for use on the face

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
R Stewart
Skin tag removal

Absolute rubbish would probably get better results putting selotape over them not worth the money

K Bradshaw
Skin tag removal

Bought 1 pack of skin tag removal patches as this is what the website advised .Used daily as recommended unfortunately this product did not work like its advertised to . Its not a huge tag wasn't paying another £40 / £60 on something that may not work .The product is very misleading & the reviews are amazing unlike the product.....

Ann Carswell
What a difference

I have been -plagued with skin tags for over 20 years, used to get them removed at a Beauticians till she retired And the new owner wouldn’t do them. I have used 27 of the 30 patches as at time of writing and have had great results. Will be purchasing more today as still have a couple of tags to do... ps it was a lot cheaper than paying the beautician!!

C. Mills


Very happy

had skin tags for years, tried natural treatments, didn't work, these patches have

Chris Spencer
No mess

So simple to use

Mr R Bennett

Suffered with skin tags for some time, had some removed at a clinic which cost me a small fortune and was painful. These tags are brilliant totally effective and discreet. RECOMMENDED.

Brian Small

Delihted with the resuklts

Mrs G Gallacher
Skin Tag Free

I was sick and tired of my clothes snagging on two skin tags around my neck. Purchased a two month supply, delighted Im now skin tag free.

Carol Johnson
Have told my friends

have told my friends to try these as they were great for me

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