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BioFeedbac™ Palm and Wrist Support is designed to relieve a wide range of joint and muscle pain.

Sprains, strains, and pulled muscles: Provides firm support to injured wrists without restricting movement, which may prevent further damage.

Adjustable compression over the wrists helps reduce pain, swelling and tenderness.

Weak or arthritic joints: Provides firm support to wrists, reducing load on joint and alleviating aches, pain and stiffness. Neoprene fabric helps retain heat to provide gentle warming relief from aches and pain.

  • Suitable for men and women
  • Clinically proven improves and supports posture
  • Compact, Lightweight and comfortable
  • May reduce muscle tension
  • Easy fit, one size fits all
  • Designed in the UK
  • No Magnets or Batteries
  • Safe to use with a Pacemaker
  • Buy 2 and get Free UK Delivery!
Biofeedbac™ Science

Patients with muscular pain in and around their joints have a deficit in their proprioception.

The proprioceptive system is made up of receptor nerves positioned in the muscles, joints and ligaments around joints. The receptors can sense tension and stretch and pass this information to the brain where it is processed. The brain then responds by signalling to muscles to contract or relax in order to produce the desired movement.

This system is subconscious. We don’t have to think about these movements or the corrections to movements. Most importantly, the body is able to be taught using so-called neural plasticity.

Designed in conjunction with Professor Malcolm Pope
Dr.Med.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc., C.Eng., Eur Ing., Eur Erg

Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh; Honorary Consultant in Biomedical Physics & Bioengineering

  • Sub Dean (Scotland) Royal Society of Medicine
  • Professional Member National Back Pain Association
  • 2015 winner of Society of Biomechanics award
“I have worked closely with Bioenergiser in the UK to produce the world’s first Biofeedbac™ health delivery system that is validated by clinical research. Biofeedbac™ utilises the body’s own automated awareness and re-educates your muscles to perform at their best. Biofeedbac™ takes the latest health innovation techniques in the science of drug-free medicine and applies them to the home environment”

Professor Malcolm Pope

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While these things are never a 'fix' it does help relieve wrist pain compared to not having it or improvising with a bandage.

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