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It’s Back Care Awareness week, so Vytaliving is raising awareness of how common back pain is, how to avoid it and what you can do to prevent further back pain.

According to the office of national statistics 24.8% of workdays missed were accounted for by musculoskeletal issues including back pain.  This is equivalent to 30.8million lost work days. Reports state as many as 1 in 6 people now suffer from lower back pain Some back problems are acute and some are chronic, many are caused by misalignment, sprains, strains and slipped discs.

Risk Factors for back problems:

  • Lifting and twisting at heavy objects
  • Incorrect lifting stance
  • Poor support from your office seat or mattress
  • Overdoing lifting exercises
  • Carry excess wait around the torso
  • Not taking breaks during laborious activities
  • Poor seated posture while working
  • More core stability

Preventative measures to support back pain


The NHS recommends that we do up to 150 minutes of exercise per week. As part of this, they recommended a regular focus on building strong and healthy muscles around the back and core area.  NHS Inform and other NHS help pages there are a number of physiotherapist-selected exercises to maintain a strong back. Multiple studies demonstrate that exercise is considered a safe way for individuals with back pain to rehabilitate and decrease the risk of future back injuries and work absence.  According to the international association for the study of pain, the best-recommended exercise for the improvement of back pain includes generalised aerobic, stabilisation, motor-control or resistance exercises. In addition, walking has been seen to support lower back recovery, although is not recommended as a sole form of treatment.

Lifting and Handling Training

Poor lifting and handling of heavy objects is a common cause for back strains. Lifting and handling training is a form of work-based guidance on how to lift correctly to avoid injury to yourself. This advice suggests that you should avoid lifting from floor level. Also, avoid twisting or reaching while lifting. Assess the weight of the object and the distance you need to carry it before lifting or, ask a colleague to help you. Finally, do not bend your back while lifting, instead bend slightly at the hip and knee.

Posture change

Studies have demonstrated how posture has changed over the years and will continue to change due to an increase in office work and the use of technology. As the use of mobile phones becomes more common, people are more likely to hunch their shoulders and hold their neck in a curved and unnatural fashion. The American chiropractic association has seen this linked with arthritis, back pain, nerve pain, headaches and more. In addition, reports state that 80% of office works that sit at desks are likely to experience some form of back pain in their lifetime. In order to improve posture, try to ensure that your desk, desk chair and screen are at the right height so that you are not stooping or reaching all day. In addition, try to limit screen time, particularly if you are stooping over your technology. Try to take short breaks away from technology to stretch your neck and back,

Visit an Expert

If you are unsure where to start or need guidance on stretches, alignment and how to improve back health, then Vytaliving recommends you see and expert, such as a chiropractor, Physiotherapist, or your GP.

Vytaliving Back Care Products

Bioposture Back Corrector

The Bioposture back corrector helps to improve poor posture and relieve muscle tension. The Bioposture brace embraces the whole torso to minutely alter posture and improve core strength.

Here is a review for the Bioposture back corrector:

5*s- Actually helps me walk normally and stops the awful pain in my lower back and pelvis.
It also has stopped e stoop i was getting from walking so badly due to pain.
It has also helped my RA joint pain in my shoulders and neck.
Great product would reccommend to anyone.

Biofeedbac Lumbros Belt

The Biofeedbac Lumbros Support Belt was created by experts for back support and pain relief, postural correction, and minimising muscular discomfort. This is a belt worn only in the lumbar region of the back, providing stability and comfort to the lower back.

Here is a review for the Biofeedbac Lumbros Belt:

5*s- I purchased one of these belts a few months ago and found it gave constant relief. I have now purchase another belt for a relative.


The Vytaliving Physiobak has an acupressure design that promotes postural correction in the spine. The Back Stretcher allows the back muscles to expand, reducing muscular pain and discomfort and helping to minimise back stiffness, aches, pain and muscle tension.

Here is a review for the Physiobak:

5*s- Great device for stretching out your back after a hard day sat at your desk hunched over a keyboard. Fantastic value for money.

Posture Bundle

Alternatively, if you like the sound of a couple of these products you may like to try our posture bundle on the vytaliving website. The Vytaliving Posture Bundle Focuses on Back Pain Relief and Posture. Each bundle contains the Vytaliving Bioposture Back Corrector, PostureGenie and Physiobak. Each product has been designed to correct posture, stretch your back muscles, realign and minimise pain and discomfort within the spine and lumbar region.

If you want to shop the posture bundle click the link or image below:

Vytaliving Posture Bundle


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