Turmeric and Black Pepper Tablets Review and Health Benefits

At Vytaliving we value our customer’s opinions and feedback. Today, we are presenting our first Vytaliving Story where we feature our customer’s real experience with one our products. Today, it’s Turmeric and Black Pepper tablets

Vytaliving Stories - Bill

Bill is a 60-year-old semi-retired company Director with 3 children and 3 grandchildren. Like most of us, some of his favourite things are good food, nice wine and real ale but to balance this out, he has always ensured he had plenty of exercise which included playing 5 a side football, martial arts and running the occasional half marathon.

His motto has always been ‘no sweat, no gain’ so as he has gotten older, Bill has made sure to maintain his fitness by doing lower intensity activities such as cycling but due to his age, he started to experience pain in his shoulder and elbow which was affecting his sleep as well as his movement day to day.

Bill tried our Turmeric and Black Pepper tablets for 3 months and here is his experience:  

“I tried physio with limited success but had better results from yoga and Pilates, but still dull ache hence trying Turmeric with Black pepper, instead of the recommended 2 a day I started 3 a day for 3 weeks and the aches reduced, 6 weeks in hardly any issues and mobility had improved, I’m now 12 weeks in sleeping well and only occasional aches in elbow which is probably arthritis related. The tablets are small and easy to take and come in simple packaging that’s easy to open and takes up minimal space in an overnight bag”.

If you are amazed by the benefits that Bill has experienced using the Vytaliving Biovit Turmeric and Black Pepper tablets then try them out for yourself below:

Biovit Turmeric and Black Pepper Tablets

The Vytaliving Biovit Turmeric and Black Pepper Tablets are one of the most popular supplements on the market. Not only that, they have held this position as the top-seller in the supplement market for many years.

Turmeric has found its niche in the market for skin health, joint health, pain relief and supporting digestive health. This herbal ingredient has been used for many years in traditional ayurvedic medicine. The use of Turmeric in alternative medicine has dated back over 400 years. Nowadays, in westernised alternative medicine we see the addition of turmeric to many products because of its potent health benefits.

Turmeric, typically used in the culinary and health field is extracted from the Curcuma longa plant. This is widely cultivated in India, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Java, Brazil, Peru, as well as many parts of Africa and Australia. It’s actives are called curcuminoids. This is the component of turmeric that so many of the health benefits are attributed to.

The most popular use of Turmeric and Black Pepper supplementation is for joint pain relief, particularly for knee, shoulder, elbow, neck and spinal pain. The active component curcumin is said to acts as an anti-inflammatory. It produces anti-inflammatory effects by inhibiting the pro-inflammatory mediators. There is scientific evidence to say that using standardised turmeric extracts (~1000 mg/day of curcumin)  for 8–12 weeks can reduce arthritis symptoms including pain and inflammation. Moreover, two studies found a strong association between the use of daily supplemental turmeric (1,500-5,000 mg per day) and pain relief. These studies stated that turmeric was found to be more effective than Ibuprofen for post-surgical pain, swelling and delayed muscle soreness.

But let us not forget about Black Pepper in this perfect pair. So often, the turmeric extract is the star of the show. However, without the application of black pepper, turmeric would not widely be bioavailable within the body. In addition to black pepper’s own health benefits, including digestive health, studies shows that black pepper (piperine) helps to increase curcuminoid availability by 2000%.

Our BioVit Turmeric and Black Pepper tablets come in packs of 60 which is a 1-month supply using the recommended dose of 2 tablets per day. They have been perfectly formulated to support the beneficial action of each ingredient. With high potency piperine to enhance turmeric absorption, and high strength curcumin to provide powerful anti-inflammatory effects.

They are also included in our brand new ‘Subscribe and Save’ service which means you can get monthly or bi-monthly deliveries at a discounted price. You can read more about our Turmeric and Black Pepper tablets here

If you are a loyal customer to Vytaliving and regularly use one of our products, please get in contact via our email address info@vytaliving.com. We would love to hear about your experience with your product and how it has benefitted you.

Thank you,

The Vytaliving Team

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