Otosan Ear Spray 50ml

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Otosan ear spray

Otosan Natural Ear Spray® with organic plant extracts is an innovative registered medical device for assisting in the gentle removal of ear wax and helping maintain daily ear hygiene.

Produced without the use of colouring and preservatives, Otosan Natural Ear Spray® combines the effective cleansing action of saline solution with the antiseptic properties of tea tree oil and the synergistic action of 100% organic plant extracts, including Aloe vera, lemon, chamomile, marigold and mallow.

Otosan ear spray is suitable if you suffer from ; ear wax plugs, loss of hearing, buzzing, whistling, tinnitus background noise, itchy ears or a blocked ear sensation. Supplied as a 50ml spray.
Use Otosan ear drops in combination with Otosan ear spray to maintain healthy hearing

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P Young

Having had wax problems, gave this a try and am pleased to say my ears are fine now - in fact it worked within a day or so.
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I wish I found this stuff years ago. Cured my itchy ears. And cleans the kids ears amazingly well so I don't have to go rooting around in there. One squirt and everything melts leaving nice clean ears for all the family. So, so much better than anything I've ever come across before and I've been searching my whole life

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