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The patented Riddex Pro uses patented Digital Pulse Technology, powered by a Freescale Microprocessor, to help create an irritating environment for pests inside your walls. No poison or dead bugs to clean up, it’s designed to chase roaches and rodents out of your house while helping to prevent future pests from entering. Riddex Pro is 100% safe and cruelty-free! Just plug in the Riddex Pro and it immediately starts paying for itself

A single Riddex Plus unit covers an entire level of a typical home, an effective pest repeller driving away rodents and roaches. It works behind walls, under floors and above ceilings where pests hide, live and reproduce. Never use harmful chemical sprays or breathe noxious fumes from other pest control products ever again! Riddex Pro is the ideal ultrasonic pest repeller; safe for use around children, pets and electronics.

Key features of Riddex Plus

  • Humanely drives pests around from your home
  • No chemicals, poisons traps or dead pests to clean up
  • 100% safe to use at home, around children, electronics and most pets
  • Built in nighlight and LED indicator
  • Fitted with a 3 pin UK Plug

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