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Vytaliving bio posture back corrector frontVytaliving bio posture back corrector back
Reconditioned Bio Posture Back Support
Sale price£29.99
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Circulation leg exerciser front viewCirculation leg exerciser with box and remote
Reconditioned Legex Sitwalk Exerciser
Sale priceFrom £79.99 Regular price£159.99
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Save £70
Vytaliving circulation maxx reviver machineVytaliving circulation maxx reviver machine with tens pads remote box
Reconditioned Circulation Reviver
Sale price£59.99 Regular price£129.99
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Biofeedbac lumbros belt Biofeedbac lumbros belt female
Reconditioned Lumbros Belt
Sale price£14.99 Regular price£29.99
Vytaliving Circulation Vibro Care+ Vibration Plate Circulation MachineVytaliving Circulation Vibro Care+ Vibration Plate Circulation Machine used on the feet for poor circulation
Reconditioned Circulation Vibro Care +
Sale price£79.99

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